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Londonskaters Speed Team is a friendly group of skaters who get together to skate for fun, fitness and competition.
Our aim is to work together on improving technique, fitness and race strategy in order to take part in a wide variety of inline speed skating events both at home and abroad. We participate in both short track and distance events with an emphasis on marathon and other endurance competitions.
If you’d like to compete in inline speed skating events or would simply like to join a team for training in order to improve your skating, then why not join us?
Organisers of the London Inline Marathon, and affiliated to the Federation of Inline Speed Skating (FISS).

Friday, 05-Sep-2008 has been a proud sponsor of LSST since the beginning of 2004, when the team adopted the LondonSkaters name as part of the new relationship. was one of the first and biggest skating websites about the London skating scene since its inception in 2000, covering skating news, articles, reviews and other skating information, and with plenty of international attention too.

LondonSkaters is also the home of a skate school, teaching general recreational skating as well as speed technique.  Pride is taken in the quality of instruction and service given to students, and the excellence of technical skating skills, supported by the many excellent testimonials from students.  Amongst other benefits, LondonSkaters provides technical coaching to the team.

LondonSkaters Speed Team News

Tuesday, 11-Aug-2015
After a bit of tinkering behind the scenes, the results have now been published, and can be found here.

- Both the Full and Half Marathon races started a bit further back from the finish line, so there are 27 laps recorded, although the first lap time will account for the first crossing of the finish line from the start.
- There was also a slight delay (approx 30 seconds) of starting the race clock vs the timing system, which will explain a discrepancy between the finish time you may recall from the clock vs the timed results.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

Sunday, 09-Aug-2015
Congratulations to our overall winners from the London Inline Marathon events yesterday:

Men's Full Marathon: Miguel Varona
Women's Full Marathon: Tiffany James
Men's Half Marathon: Rio Carsaco
Women's Half Marathon: Eve McInerney
Men's Inline Endurance Challenge: Alex King
Women's Inline Endurance Challenge: Jennifer Lenz
Men's Quad Endurance Challenge: Ivan Vazquez
-Women's Quad Endurance Challenge: Claire Hunter

The results will be coming soon...

In the meantime, photos are beginning to surface on our team page:

Please feel free to share your photos (and videos) with us!

A big thank you to everyone who came along yesterday - what a great day out!
A special thank you to those behind the scenes and on the front line making it all happen!

Thursday, 27-Nov-2014
LSST held their Annual General Meeting yesterday evening.  Thank you to those that were able to come along.  I hope you'll agree that it was a good evening!

Special thanks
- Club Blue Room, Custom Sport, Torq, Onebody and Powerslide for their generous discounts
- Etienne Bobenreith (Webmaster) and Mike van Erp for their continued support and sponsorship of the club
- LSST Coaching team (Adrian Wordswoth, Mike van Erp, Fred Houinato, Ed Gwiazda, and Gibran Ghazali
- The 2014 Committee (Fred, Chris, Gill, Flemming, Tiak (Will), Flemming, Ed and Gib)
- The members for their continued support

Awards presented
Most Attended - Gibran
Most Improved - Van
Race Performance - Ed (Berlin)
Skater of the Year - Ed

Your newly elected committee (thanks again to those that stood this year)
Roles to be agreed within the committee
- Fred Houinato
- Chris Horn
- Tiak Hee Yeoh (Will)
- Gibran Ghazali
- Ed Gwiazda
- Jon Garner
- Matt Taylor
- Glenn Quadros

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