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Lounge cycling?

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Joined: 05 Jan 2005
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Location: Reading, UK

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:49 pm    Subject: Lounge cycling? Reply with quote

So, it's cold and I'm a wuss. I'd like to put my bike in the lounge for a bit to do some cycling for a bit of evening fitness. I'm a bit concerned by some stories of turbo trainers and what they might do to the rear wheel / tyre (odd pressures and wheel getting really hot).

What about rollers - it seems this wouldn't push the wheel in a funny way, nor will I have to bolt it in. Any suggestions or what do people use?

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Joined: 05 Aug 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:08 pm    Subject: Reply with quote

I've got a Superchrono Elite turbo trainer. If you use it regularly you'll eventually wear out the tread on your rear tyre. On a soft road tyre you'll notice this visually after about 20 hours - but I imagine that it'd take vastly longer to wear one out completely.

Other than that I've had no problems with heat / bolting it in etc on both my carbon and steel bikes. It takes roughly a minute to set up.

I know one person with rollers and they much prefer it (in fact they gave me their old turbo trainer). The workout is more interesting as it requires more concentration - but that need to stay focused could also be a negative point depending on what you prefer. It's also easier to get out the saddle for big efforts.

YMMV but it's quite hard to stay motivated when training at home indoors. I'm a fan of these videos to beat the boredom (but not for winter LSD obviously):
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Joined: 21 May 2006
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Location: Brentwood-ish

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:03 pm    Subject: Reply with quote

I've just got some rollers ( Elite Arion, no resistance ).... just completed my 2nd hour-ish session on them.

My main reasons over a turbo trainer were :-
Core muscles get used.
Quieter ( maybe some expensive turbos are similar ? )
Improves Cycling Technique ( allegedly )
No need for a trainer tyre + wheel.
I don't need resistance, I can continue to thoroughly abuse my £50 Argos exercise bike for that ( hmmm is it supposed to smell of burning? ).

My thoughts after 2 hrs and 40-ish virtual miles...

+ Plonk the bike on and go, no faffing ( well, apart from trying to figure how to attach my old cycle computer... find a video to watch, etc, etc. )
+ Better core muscle exercise ( balancing ).
+ Quiet-ish.  I can listen to the tele OK, and chat to the wife and son... but couldn't hear my laptop... Paula (wife) managed to sleep next to it on the sofa, but rather her than me...
+ I _think_ I'm finding it good for sorting out my bike fit and posture... though I suspect there will be some compromise between rollers and road...  I'll find out when I next hit the tarmac... but a zero offset seatpost will be winging it's way in my direction shortly.
+ Resistance is plenty to keep my heart rate up.
+ It should smooth out my technique...

- Much less resistance ( though some models do have resistance ).  I've only got one more gear to go... I could push that OK, but appropriate cadence wouldn't be maintainable ( yet ).  There's certainly nothing to heave against.  Apparently a towel under a roller adds a lot of resistance, but seems dodgy to me... another ploy is to add some drag to the spokes... but I've not had to try either yet.
- Fall-off-ability ( but at least you're not moving... )
- Need a doorway / corridor to start off with ( though I'm improving quickly )
- No out-of-saddle work ( unless you get an e-motion type model? )
- 4yr old son in the immediate vicinity is to be avoided ( distraction = fall = daddy not looking so cool ).
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