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Gallery : Berlin Marathon 2004 - Christophe's pictures

Alistair "J" and Steve on the S-Bahn from the airport to Berlin city centre.
Viewed: 437 times.
Helen and Ray on the train from Schoenefeld
Viewed: 441 times.
Team members Eric and Rick join 'Belotti' Dave in a pre-race meat fest
Viewed: 419 times.
Etienne's highly concentrated on the content of his plate... (is it why he's so fast?)
Viewed: 448 times.
Table pic from our joint (Die Alte Tor), our Berlin "Vic", with LS-Mike and Alistair "U", Hans...
Viewed: 463 times.
Thumbs up from the boys!
Viewed: 417 times.
Alistair's enjoying a "little" treat before his race
Viewed: 438 times.
Getting ready for the start
Viewed: 474 times.
Nearly ready now...
Viewed: 398 times.

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