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Gallery : Le Mans 2004 - Christophe's Pix

Pre-race announcements.JPG
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Rick and Dave.JPG
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Gavin at the start.JPG
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Gavin is gone.JPG
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Viewed: 418 times.
Lacing, lacing....JPG
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Alistair gone for Duracell.JPG
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Alistair in full effort.JPG
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Alistair raring to go.JPG
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Alistair's passed the baton over to Olivier.JPG
Viewed: 482 times.
'Belotti' Dave.JPG
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Bill Begg & Bont skater.JPG
Viewed: 451 times.
Bill Begg, Bont team manager.JPG
Viewed: 462 times.
Bry and Owain.JPG
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