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Gallery : Tatem (FISS), 27-06-2004

Alistair is doing it again.JPG
Viewed: 453 times.
Battle of the strongest.JPG
Viewed: 449 times.
Cat 1 racing.JPG
Viewed: 397 times.
Cat 4 on the start line.JPG
Viewed: 410 times.
Cat 4 under the orders.JPG
Viewed: 432 times.
Christophe in the lead.JPG
Viewed: 398 times.
Cross over.JPG
Viewed: 423 times.
Gavin leading Cat 1.JPG
Viewed: 399 times.
Gavin looking good.JPG
Viewed: 411 times.
Off they go!.JPG
Viewed: 382 times.
Ray is on time! (again).JPG
Viewed: 371 times.
Ray's doing the outside.JPG
Viewed: 404 times.
Sh@t I'm late....JPG
Viewed: 380 times.
'they are gone!'.JPG
Viewed: 407 times.
A strong pack.JPG
Viewed: 392 times.
Alistair J. 'all the way'.JPG
Viewed: 403 times.

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