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LondonSkaters Speed Team
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Training and Team Events Locations

Tatem Park
  • Speed oval of about 250 yards used for track practice, pace line training, and sprint/short races (a number of FISS races are hosted there during the year)
  • Located 100 yards north-west from the Great Cambridge Roundabout, at the intersection of the A406 (North Circular) and the A10. Main entrance is on Hedge Lane, nearest postcode N13 5DB click for map
  • Public transport route
    Take the Picadilly line to Turnpike Lane (Zone 3). Take the 231, 217 or 144 bus from the bus station outside. You can also get on the 144 from Wood Green tube station (1 stop further on the line).

    Stop at the Great Cambridge Roundabout after a 10-15 minute bus ride. You can't miss the roundabout - it's huge! You should be able to see the sign for Tatem Park on the opposite side of the roundabout from the road where you entered it.

    If you are on the 231 or 217, get off the bus on the 1st stop after the roundabout, and you will be directly outside the park.

    If you are on the 144, get off just before the roundabout. Cross the highways using the passage under the roundabout and take the North exit with a blue sign indicating "A10 North, Palmers green, Cheapside". Park entrance is 100 yards on the right.

    trainning at Tatem parktrainning at Tatem parkrace at Tatem park
Richmond Park
  • Used mostly for long distance/endurance and/or hill training. Also a nice feeling of the countryside!
  • Sheen gate: Evenings, leave cars outside the park. Toilet facilities. click for map
  • Pen Ponds: Free car park facility. Right in the middle of the park. click for map

    trainning at richmond parktrainning at richmond park
Hyde Park (Kensington Gardens/Constitution Hill/The Mall)
  • Endurance/intensive/technique training
  • Meet on the west side of the Serpentine Road (the beach). Near the car park. click for map
  • On Sundays, we sometimes move down Constitution Hill to the Mall (which is closed to traffic) click for map

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